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What Should I Bring to My Photography Session?

You may not think standing around and smiling will cause you to work up a sweat, but you'd be surpsied! Being prepared for your photoshoot will eliminate added stress and allow you to enjoy your time in the spotlight. Whether you're planning for a family session, engagement photos, maternity pictures, or something else, having these items with you will make things much more pleasant!

  1. Water: Bringing a bottle of water or some other cold drink to stay hydrated is one of the most imporant items to have. You may not realize it, but you will get thirsty... fast! Even if your session is indoors with air conditioning, all the posing and moving around will have your mouther drier than a desert in no time.

  2. Extra Clothes: While your photoshoot may not require more than one set of clothing, accidents happen! I'm sure almost all of us have stepped in mud, spilled something down our shirt, or ripped our pants from squatting too far. Rather than relying on luck, throw an extra shirt and pair of pants in your car as a backup. Your photographer will be more than willing to dismiss you for a quick - and much needed - wardrobe change.

  3. Brush & Makeup: If you wear eye liner, you're probably all too familiar with looking in the mirror and seeing streaks down your face after standing in the wind for too long. Watering eyes, pesky blemishes, and fly-away hairs can become a neusiance durring your session. But by packing a small bag of your common "face fixers" and placing it nearby, you can stay ready for whatever comes your way!

  4. Snacks: Being photographed for any amount of time can become draining. If you haven't eaten in a while or you have problems with your blood sugar, it's a good idea to throw a granola bar in your bag just incase. Your photographer would much rather you take two minutes to eat a Kind Bar than to pass out on the floor. And if you don't need it during your session, then you can have a nice treat to reward yourself when you're done.

  5. Cell Phone: Always let at least one other person know where you are going and who your photographer is. Carry your charged cell phone with you to your session incase of an emergency. While you may need to take it out of your pocket to avoid a rectangle butt in pictures, set it down nearby so you can get to it if need be.

And that's it! Brining these five simple items to your photo session will help you stay engaged, focused, and reachable for however long your day will be. A good rule of thumb would be to also check in with your photographer and ask them for any additional items you should pack. When in doubt, default to these and you should be good to go!

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